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An aden concrete block machine producing with a cobblestone mold and the finished paving stones are shown in the picture.

Paving Stone Moulds


Paving stones are one of the most popular materials in landscaping. Paving stones are used for environmental improvement in cities, sidewalks, parking lots, commercial centers, factories, schools, universities, hospitals and other places. Moulds for paving stones are manufactured by our company in accordance with the necessary quality standards. Aesthetics and appearance come to the fore in the production of paving stones. Conmach engineers design the matrices using the solidworks program, and then send the development to the production department. The metal sheets that make up the outer body of the moulds are cut from 10 mm ST52 on CNC laser machines. During cutting, carefully pay attention to the fact that the sheet metal is not broken.


Paving stones from the Roman Empire to the present day.

Concrete paving stone is an advanced construction study used since the time of the Romans. Its durability, clean surface and precision make it easy for the wheels of vehicles to move. Paving stones made of natural stone have caused controversy over the economy, production and quality. After that, the use of concrete paving stones began, which was produced much faster, was durable and of high quality. The mould for concrete paving stones acquires an aesthetic appearance by installing the outer sheets of the housing. Additional elements of the mould are designed in mm on a vertical CNC machining machine. The heat treatment process is carried out so that the materials reach the necessary hardness and strength. At the end of the process, the moulds are processed on a Borwerk CNC machine, which leads to a smooth surface for finished concrete products.


Moulds for concrete paving stones

Concrete paving stones are used for landscape purposes. Many scientific studies of concrete paving stones have been conducted. The use of marble dust waste in the production of paving stones, inert and brick waste, was also one of the studies. Concrete paving stones are produced by a concrete block making machine using a mixture of gravel, cement and water. The mould for concrete paving stones is made taking into account these considerations. The outer parts of the mould are also processed on the Borwerk CNC machine. The completion of the process is achieved by combining all the parts together.


The mould for concrete paving stones is made by CONMACH

The Double T paving stone mould is one of the types of paving stone mould. Double T is used for landscape purposes, it is widely found in our environment. For the manufacture of this paving stone, a mould is required. The tiles are made with a height of 6 cm and 8 cm. The moulds are manufactured according to these dimensions. The production of moulds is carried out by a professional in mould production, at the CONMACH factory. The paving stone moulds are divided into classes. Examples of these classifications can be given in the form of a mould for paving stones, Paving Stone Double T, Paving Stone Wave, Paving Stone Rectangle, Paving Stone Zigzag etc.


Reasonable price for moulds for concrete paving stones

The mould for concrete paving stones is made by professionals of their craft at our CONMACH Machinery factory. Our moulds attract the attention of buyers with a reasonable and favorable price. The drawing and design of the mould is agreed with the customer before proceeding with the production. The production of moulds begins only after the customer's approval. The accuracy of metal cutting is achieved on CNC machines. The parts that have completed the cutting are assembled by welding.


Concrete paving stones moulds

Old Town Paving Stones, Rectangle Paving Stones, Octagon Paving Stones, Hexagon Paving Stones, Double T Paving Stones, Wave Paving Stones, Zigzag Paving Stones and other types of moulds are produced by our company at a reasonable price and high quality. Please contact us for more information.

The top view and isometric view of the cobblestone mold are included in the image. cobblestone mold code: star
The top view and isometric view of the cobblestone mold are included in the image. cobblestone mold code: CURVED
The top view and isometric view of the cobblestone mold are included in the image. cobblestone mold code: 07-SEA WAVE
The top view and isometric view of the cobblestone mold are included in the image. cobblestone mold code: HEXCUBE

The product obtained as a result of mixing materials such as gravel, crushed stone, sand, cement, water is poured into moulds and compressed by pressing, is called a concrete block. There are two types of briquettes: concrete and Bims. Concrete blocks are heavier than the bims type of blocks.

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